What shouldn’t you do when blogging?

Using a blog is an excellent way of communicating an opinion or making a message known, as well as allowing you to express yourself online and leave what you say for posterity on the internet. However, using a blog implies that you can be remembered for what you say, especially if it generates controversy or goes viral.

This probability of being remembered can occur in two ways: The first one is that you say something smart or funny and that it becomes viral, or because what you say generates rejection or outrage and that this is the cause of virilization, so they will always remember you for that incident.

For this reason, just as our grandparents have taught us how to behave at home or on the street, we will teach future generations how to behave on the internet, so in this article we are going to tell you what you should avoid at all costs when you write on your blog.

Beware of inappropriate content Inappropriate

content is anything that might make someone feel their rights have been violated or outraged, and inappropriate content is not limited to violence or sexually explicit images. 

For example, a clinic that applies botox should avoid publishing images of the procedure that show negative side effects, as these may be inappropriate for the most sensitive users. 

In the same way, a dentist who places braces in Tijuana must place, on the blog, aesthetically appropriate images, because photographs of orthodontics are placed in which there are unsightly teeth or that have other types of dental pathologies that may be unpleasant.

This is because there may be users who are shocked by the images, and this can cause drops in blog visits, not to mention that, if the event goes viral, the reputation of the clinic can be ruined. 

Be careful with the way you express yourself

When you write a blog, you must take good care of the way you say things, because you should avoid being vulgar or controversial if that is not your goal, because you can play a little with the way of expressing yourself if you create a black humor entry or if your blog is on this topic. 

However, even if your blog is black humor, you must take into account the way in which you make jokes, because there is a possibility that the most sensitive users consider that you are discriminating because of a joke you have made. 

In addition, if you are going to speak on a controversial topic, you should approach it in an objective way and from as neutral a point of view as possible or, if you lean towards one side on this type of topic, you should express it with the maximum respect for the other, in this way you avoid controversy.

Likewise, when you express yourself properly, you avoid controversy and, in addition, you achieve that you have a greater margin of visits and, consequently, income through the ads that appear to your blog visitors.