What is 3D Mapping in the World of Multimedia Art?

If you are a brand manager for a large corporation or a creative tour manager for a recording artist, and you are brand-spanking new to these roles, you are likely learning about all the various ways to execute creative promotional feats and ignite storytelling into your tour.
3D mapping is a multimedia technology that has taken the entertainment and marketing world by storm. Today’s savvy brands are seeking out the best 3D mapping companies to bring original multimedia art productions with visual storytelling tactics to the stage, and this article will help you see the value in pursuing this technology.
Understanding 3D Mapping
Also known as spatial augmented reality and projection mapping, 3D mapping is a technology that projects a two-dimensional or three-dimensional object onto a display surface through projection mapping. 3D Mapping is often used by artists and advertisers to add unique movement. Sometimes motion is sequenced with music or spoken words through the power of 3D mapping. 3D Mapping also adds dimension by creating multiple layers, depth, and other perceptions.
How Many Types of 3D Mapping Are there?
In terms of “technology types, there is one; 3D Mapping is 3D mapping. However, there are a number of software solutions to enable and execute, and each falls into its own budgetary framework and requires various skills and knowhow. For example, while an independent artist with a minimal budget of $1000 would seek 3D mapping software like Green Hippo or Pandora’s box through a DYI method, an artist like Nine Inch nails would have a creative director with a six-figure budget  that would turn to a multimedia company offering custom solutions with state of the art software platforms.
What Industries Utilize 3D Mapping?
Projection mapping is used in a plethora of industries. The most common of these include live concerts, advertising, theatre, gaming, decoration, and anything else you can think of. The best 3D mapping companies combine specialized software with naturally given artistic talent and creative insight to align physical objects with virtual content.
What are Some Projection Mapping Surfaces Commonly Used?
One of the many things that makes 3D mapping so unique and the perfect catalyst for creative storytelling is that a wide range of surfaces can be used as projection surfaces and thus integrated into the main event. For example, governments can put on celebratory events to mark a significant anniversary in their country’s history and use 3D mapping technology to project images onto government buildings and places of historical significance. In addition to casting images on building, 3D mapping can also project onto landscapes like a city skyline or a mountain side. In live concerts, 3D mapping has projected images onto everything from odd-shaped sculptures to furniture, and from the stage itself to domed ceilings.
When searching for a 3D mapping company make sure they fully get ingrained into your project and understand all your goals and objectives so the scope of the 3D mapping project can reflect your story and convey the right message to your audience.