Mistakes you make when applying your lipstick

The lipstick is a basic that can not be missing in our makeup bag. It brings volume to your lips and consistency to the color of your lipstick, that is why it is a ‘must’ for any girl. One of the most important nights of a woman is the night of graduation, your lipstick and Shangri-La Prom Dresses have to look implacable.
It is important to know how to apply it correctly to obtain a natural result and boast of good lips as Kylie Jenner. 5 mistakes that you are making when applying your lipstick and you have not noticed until now.
Are you sure you apply your lipstick correctly?
1 You choose the wrong key
Generally we apply a darker or lighter shade depending on the result we want to obtain, but the ideal is to choose a lip liner of the same hue of the lipstick with which we will cover later. The objective of lipstick is not to stand out in your mouth, but to create that feeling of volume and uniformity for perfect lips.
2 Delineate your lips before applying the bar
Contrary to what we think, the lipstick should be applied before to fill the lips and the color of lipstick sticks better, and then to delineate the corners of our mouth and shape the lips.
3 You make the line very fast
The key to a perfect delineation is not to do it all at once, but little by little and in parts. Start filling the central part of your lips and then work in small strokes the cupid’s bow and finally the corners.
4 You do not respect the points of light
When you fill your lips with the eyeliner you do not respect the areas that provide that extra touch of volume. It is important to be clear that the points of light that will make your lips a juicier mouth, are in the cupid arch and in the center of the lower lip.
5 Do not mix the ‘lip liner’ well
At the end of the day, the lipstick ends up disappearing and the line of the pencil and lipstick are separately visible. To avoid this unpleasant effect, after lining your lips softens the resulting line and folds it very well with the lip, so that the two form one.