Instagram As A Marketing Medium For The Tourism Industry

One of the most popular social networks today is definitely Instagram. This platform is characterized, among others, thanks to the format used. Users who use this social network upload multimedia content based on photographs and short videos. Today’s brands have seen this application as an ideal method for marketing. One of the industries that have been most favored by marketing on Instagram is the industry related to travel or tourism.
Why is it a marketing medium?
Many of the users who are attached to this social network have become part of the advertising and marketing of many places, and this without many times they themselves know. Tourism companies that have an official user can use this application to identify the most popular destinations, as well as the type of traveler who goes to those sites. Once these points are determined, the tourism or travel company will be able to create experiences that include the best experiences that a traveler can have in the locality or form advertising of the place.
In recent years it has been seen that companies hire people who have a more significant influence on Instagram to provoke in their followers the desire to go to a site. But for a travel company to be able to generate sales through the application, it must know that there are methods that facilitate this process.

  • Hashtags- It is a straightforward strategy, which determines what the keywords can be so that users when searching for that hashtag, can visualize the content posted.
  • Creative advertising- Definitely, everything that is uploaded to this social network is based on advertising, this consciously or unconsciously, so that creativity will be a differentiator quite detonating. The more eye-catching the photo, the more it will attract attention, so it is necessary to take the required time to create an original post of excellent quality.
  • Importance to the public- Another way that can attract more is to use the photos and videos your customers take about the product. Just like many times certain Rocky Point hotels Puerto Peñasco do.
  • Previous- The tourism company or hotel companies can upload photos and videos that serve as previews of services that will soon be launched on the market; producing in customers and guests an emotion and desire to try new services.

Instagram has become one of the main tools for digital marketing as it is powered by photos and videos that allow instant interaction with your audience. The tourism company must monitor continually, that is, regularly upload content. This will enable it to position itself on the platform and app users to find the company’s profile.
It is necessary to emphasize that it is not a matter of uploading content without specific meaning, but rather that the material is visually pleasing to the human eye. This is accompanied by hashtags that will facilitate searches on social networks. The set of these methods, consistency, and the commitment of the tourism company will allow its success in the application.