How to Find the Best Video Mapping Companies for Stage Design

When you can captivate an audience, you can enhance how your message is received. Whether your goal is to market a product or entertain spectators, creating memorable experiences in stage design will help you achieve your goals.
Multimedia technologies provide one way for stage designers to achieve this, and one of the most popular forms is video mapping. Also known as projection mapping, video mapping uses projection technology to transform irregularly shaped objects into display surfaces. The target objects can be as small as oblong-shaped parts of a stage for a concert, or as complex as a massive industrial landscape. The best projection mapping companies for stage design use specialized software to create their digital art by mapping out a virtual environment or image onto the object in a way so it mimics the real life environment it is being cast into. This software can interact with the projector to get the desired, custom fit.
This form of multimedia technology is used by advertisers and artists for various campaigns and projects. But more recently, it is used in music concert stage design with great success. In 2017 artists like Depeche Mode, Shakira, and Drake worked with video mapping companies to create a stunning storytelling method that delighted audiences around the world.
This article is intended to help stage design managers and brand executives know how to source the best video mapping companies for their projects.
Look for Video Mapping Companies with Diverse Industry Experience
Let’s say you are the creative director for the upcoming Gucci fashion show. Your first instinct may be to look for video mapping companies that specialize in fashion shows. However, you will get a stronger creative team with greater capabilities if you work with a video mapping company that has successfully services multiple industries. Let’s face it; today’s fashion shows are also rock concerts. The music, stage design, and the feature work together to tell a story. That said, look for a video mapping company that has worked with some of the biggest global brands, as well as the most recognized recording artists on the planet. With a portfolio as broad as this, the creative possibilities for your project can be endless.
Whether your stage design is intended to host a branded product launch, or kick off a global concert tour, nobody knows the theme and the components of its girth like you do. Be sure to find an exceptional video mapping company that has the ability to fully grasp your project and its goals, mine out hidden opportunities to enhance the message, and create an amazing stage design with projection mapping techniques that will leave audiences talking for years. The best video mapping companies work closely with their clients and the artist to create an experience that blends flawlessly with the mission through innovative stage design that calls upon comprehensive multimedia art solutions in a creative and original setting.