How to Find the Best Translation Company that Will Save Your Organization Money

With more corporations doing business overseas, the need for companies to find the best translation company capable of helping organizations improve their bottom line is crucial. But knowing what to look for when it comes to choosing a translation company best suited to help your internal teams stay aligned and help your company hit its growth goals, there needs to be an ideal fit with a demand for top-quality. This article is intended to help CEOs, CFOs and members of executive management teams learn how to identify the best translation company and distinguish it from those that underperform. 
Investigate the History Behind the Translation Company
A solid translation company capable of helping your organization grow, will have the following components to their history: the years they have been in business (their experience, the languages they work in, and the number of clients they have served. 
Look for a translation agency that has at least three decades of experience; 30 years is a great testimony to the translation company being able to evolve through growing business needs, advancements in technology and how they contribute to multilingual translation while adapting their practices to stay relevant with the growing needs of today’s organizations. 
When looking at a client roster spanning three decades, the number of projects needs to shine in a way that’s relevant to their years in business. We agree that 30 years is a good running, so look for a company that has serves 1000 or more customers. These clients should stem from various sized organizations, originate from multiple locations, work in a wide variety of industries, and more than 100 languages should be presented in the portfolio. 
How Flexible is the Translation Company?
As you know, new data can come in and completely change the direction or needs of your project–something that will impact the translation project. This is why the best translation company will be hyper flexible and available 24/7. So long as your translation company is working around the clock, they will be able to make any reasonable changes within the set deadline while still respecting the “rush deadline”. 
Often, the quality of a project rests on how solid the communication is between your translation company and internal team. First, there should be a single point of contact–a project manager who is responsible for updating your team on the project. When multiple people responsible for various functions of your project communicate all at once, it can cause confusion and a loss in translation. A team leader who manages every component of your project from tech integration to translation quality, and from dialect quality control, to strategy has a firm understanding of every branch of your project and can give on-demand reporting, you know you are working with the best translation agency and your business is in good hands for achieving prosperous growth.