From Traditional Marketing To Creative Marketing

Although indeed, nowadays, attention is almost entirely focused on digital issues, it is important never to leave aside certain conventional things. In this case, we are referring to advertising and marketing. The street is an ideal place to generate an impact on the audience since there is a greater reach, so why not also focus on traditional marketing and advertising strategies?
If you are looking to generate a connection between your brand and the public, no matter what industry you are in, whether it is a fashion company, a company that offers stays at Rocky Point Mexico hotels or even those dedicated to providing food services, street marketing can be an excellent option.
What is street marketing?
Basically, when we talk about this term, we refer to all promotions that are carried out in public spaces. Still, one of the main characteristics that make a significant distinction to traditional advertising is that actions focused on Street marketing have a touch of creativity and originality. The central objective of these methods is to have a company presence in an environment where people develop. We could say that the fundamental purpose is to generate expectations to attract the public’s attention. 
What are the types of street marketing?
If you want to get into the strategies of this marketing technique, it is necessary to know which are the types of campaigns that can be implemented according to the needs that the company may have. Below, we will mention some approaches you can give to your advertising and marketing project.
How to raise awareness
This type of method is usually used by companies that are focused on social issues or that have to do with items of nature. The aim is that, through specific actions, the public becomes aware of a problem that is currently being experienced. One of the companies that have known how to do this type of street marketing is the WWF organization. Usually, companies that use this type of method focus on the use of images, thus causing a more significant impact on society.
Interaction with the audience
The campaigns that carry out campaigns under this theme, usually resort to more dynamic elements that allow direct interaction with the public. Although many believe that doing this type of campaign involves more expenses, the truth is that, if it is well developed, the costs are minimal.
 Any company can make use of this method; both those were offering products and those providing services, as can any company dedicated to San Diego airport transportation. The right way is for the public to create their content that will serve as advertising.
While it is true that this is one of the most common techniques, it is usually the most visible, and it is not necessary to use images or design to make a significant impact on the audience. Many companies only use one right phrase, and that’s it. Such is the case of Gandhi’s bookstores.
Space Modification
This type of strategy is characterized because public space is modified for advertising, using sculptures or images. This, apart from being quite creative, allows people to focus their attention on advertising. A clear example is in public transport, where sometimes we can see that they have images on the outside that refer to a company or film.