Become a Successful Social Media Influencer

First of all you must know that a social media influencer is someone who uses a social network, to influence over an online community, to reach that they create content that has value for their community, this content can be written or audiovisual.
Now you are ready to know how to become an online influencer, here are some steps:
Set up you goals: If you know from the beginning which your objectives are you journey will become easier, because you’ll know what you want to reach and you can make better decisions around that.
Find your niche: What’s your niche? What are you an expert in? If you’re a business owner, it’s likely to be your product or service. Hopefully you’re happy to pass on everything you’ve learned to others.
Build a content strategy: Creating content consistently will help you stand out in your community.
When you’re starting out, you don’t want to set unrealistic aims for how often you’ll be publishing content. If you’re blogging, for example, one or two articles a week is an achievable aim alongside your other commitments. You don’t have to stick to the plan rigidly, but make sure that you’re posting consistently.
personal appearance: Like it or not, you are being judged by how you look, how you dress, and how you carry yourself, and yes, people tend to follow pretty people. You can try a new hair style that goes good with your face, be sure that your clothes always looks clean and have bright shining smile (you may need a smile makeover in Tijuana).
Contribute to Other influencers: One of the quickest ways to raise your influencer status is to contribute your content to other influencers. After your content is published, let people in your network know about your collaboration, tweet the link and share it on Facebook. Also, keep an eye on your article’s comments, so you can respond to any questions even the negative.
Engage Online: To be an influencer, you need to be notice, try to take part in relevant conversations across a variety of networks. Also, If you’re influencer in a platform in particular use that as your primary social network but utilize the others as well to get even more visibility.
But the most important step it’s to get started: You only fail when you don’t even try, so stop over thinking and get started. You may post a couple of times and then left it by side because no one is seeing you, but you have keep posting consistently and be really patient because it can pass a long time before seeing results.