ADR Film Companies in Los Angeles are Never Alike: What You Need to Know

Post production and film directors often go through a great deal of time and money in finding the best ADR film companies in Los Angeles to help them complete their projects. People new to the industry of voice over recording often think one ADR studio is the same as the next. However, the differences are huge and in some cases small things that differ from one Los Angeles ADR studio to the next will signify larger matters. For example, average equipment may be “average” and the norm, but it shows that the ADR studio refuses to go the extra mile to getting phenomenal gear. And if this is the case, what else are they doing that might be vanilla in quality?
This article will help film directors, post production supervisors and other movie making professionals find the best ADR film companies in Los Angeles with amazing voice over recording studios.
Look for Mic Quality and Variety in the ADR Film Company Equipment Locker
It goes without saying that microphone quality lends to sound quality. Therefore, skimping on mic quality can cause the sound to be second-rate. Keep in mind that the main purpose of automatic dialogue replacement is to harnas new dialogue that most closely matches the actor’s previously filmed performance. Since ADR works with the visual presentation of actors speaking in a film or TV show, and often there are other things in the background of the scene, sat traffic, crowd chatter, or music. The best mics will help ARD studios get the voice over just right while taking other sound sources into consideration. All of this requires specialized audio mics.
Make sure your ADR film company has the standard LDC recording studio mic–the Neumann U87. This mic is known throughout the ADR industry for its reliability, broad dynamic range, and its availability. This is the staple mic that any respectable ADR studio in Los Angeles should have in their microphone locker. The ADR studio in Los Angeles should also have the Senheiser 416 shotgun mic, a great mic for isolating the voice from the actor it’s pointed at.
Top ADR Film Studios in Los Angeles Offer Multiple Services
Even is you are seeking ADR and voice over recording services for your film project, the sign of a true top-notch ADR film studio in LA is one that offers multiple services. This testifies to the fact they have a broad range of skills, capabilities, and have the means to truly craft amazing custom projects for clients. Other services to look for would be loop group stages, stereo and 5.1 mixing, audiobooks, and they should also branch their services out into the advertising arena is in fact they are true professionals.
Los Angeles ADR studios are located all over the county, from Burbank to Culver City. Make sure the ADR studio you partner with meets these qualifications and you are well on your way to working with an amazing partner throughout your professional career.