4 Reasons Why Fleet Managers Should Visit a Case Construction Dealer

Being a fleet manager for a corporation, builder, agricultural monopoly, or a city’s urban planning board is no easy job. You have to make sure all the right pieces of construction machinery compose a fleet to get the right jobs done, and you need to purchase the right ones that will have a long lifecycle value and ensure they are all in top working order, This means you need the highest quality machines with the best techs, and for these reasons fleet managers need to find a Case construction dealer near them before looking anywhere else. 

  1. A Case Construction Dealer has the Best Technicians in the Industry

While many other brands of construction equipment simply hire mechanics from any random trade school, any Case construction dealer will recruit their own team and put them through a rigorous training class in which they only work on Case equipment and no other brand. Then they take both a written and hands-on examination to earn the title Master Technician. A Case Master Technician has many roles. Not only do they make repairs and perform maintenance, they also create strategies to help your machines extend their lifetime value. And for this very reason alone many fleet managers invest in Case construction equipment without looking twice.

  1. Visit a Case Construction Dealer and Ask About their Award-Winning History

From increasing breakout force and roading speed, to having the most comfortable cabs and the longest life cycles, Case has been winning awards since day one. For example, 
Case construction equipment earned awards for three different equipment categories in the annual Equipment Watch Highest Retained Value and Lowest Cost of Ownership Awards. The Highest Retained Value Awards went to the Case backhoe loader (N Series 580N). The award forecasts the equipment to retain the maximum percentage of original overall value after five years compared to every single competitor. This is also based on residual value determined by data in market activity. 
Furthermore, the Case backhoe won this award for three of the four years it has been in existence, a thing that speaks real volume regarding its high quality. 
Another thing to note: the Case SR210 skid steer loader won the Lowest Cost of Ownership Award in the large skid steer category for two years in a row. This just goes to prove that when you visit a Case construction dealer you will bare witness to a brand that continues to produce the finest quality, and you will see first hand it is a  trusted brand that multiple industries invest in.

  1. Case is a True Pioneering Force

Back in the mid 40s a water utility from the east coast made a public cry for a single piece of construction machinery that can perform the roles of three different machines. Case was the only brand to step up, and they engineered the world’s first backhoe loader. Now every heavy machinery brand makes one. Fleet managers want to invest in the innovator that actually designed the machine, and not another company that got the licensing to copy someone else’s blueprints. 
Visit a Case construction dealer today, and learn more on why fleet managers in every industry favor Case construction equipment above all else.